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FPHS Academic Curriculum

This resource packet for colleges and universities helps students better understand Missouri’s current public system, transformation steps underway through the #HealthierMO grassroots initiative, and key transformation tools like Missouri’s Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) model.


Select any of the resources below for use in any course related to understanding and improving community health and well-being.

FPHS model overview video (approx. 8 min)

FPHS model overview video reflection assignment rubric (pdf)  (Word)

Interactive academic version of the FPHS model

Interactive FPHS model essay assignment rubric (pdf)  (Word)
FPHS model field assignment rubric (pdf)  (Word)
Slide deck with lecture notes

Full lecture video with voice over or without voice over

Practical application worksheets (Gearbox Tools)

"An FPHS Approach to Improving Well-Being for All Missourians" (Introductory Health Equity and Foundational Public Health Services Training Course)

Additional FPHS Trainings

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