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Capacity Building:
An FPHS Approach to Improving Well-Being for All Missourians

Right now we have an extraordinary opportunity to change the future for all Missourians. We’ve spent nearly five years laying a strong foundation for public health system transformation. We may not need a hammer or nails, but we're ready to start building!

This capacity building program equips public health professionals with a shared understanding of health equity and the Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) model, guides us as we operationalize the model in our work, and empowers us to implement practices and processes that will assure foundational public health services every Missourian can depend on.

The capacity building program is based on gaps identified in 
our 2020 Capacity Assessment, in which Missouri's local public health agencies self-reported their agency's capacity to assure the components in the FPHS model. A crosswalk demonstrates how the FPHS  model's capacities align with the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (2021), assuring increased capacity in the model will result in a more competent public health workforce.


The capacity building program was developed by #HealthierMO in partnership with health equity experts from Consilience Group LLC, and a Health Equity Design Team made up of public health representatives from across Missouri. 


Complete this baseline training for a foundational understanding of consistent definitions related to health equity, health disparities, and social determinants of health. The interactive training is anchored by Missouri's FPHS model and includes data collection, quizzes, and case studies specific to Missouri.


A facilitated workshop walks public health professionals through a deeper self-assessment of health equity practices within their agencies. Using a step-by-step workbook, participants will develop action plans to build individual and organizational capacity to assure foundational public health services grounded in health equity.

#HealthierMO can facilitate a workshop in your community, upon request.

Or, you can download the Facilitator's Guide, slide deck, and personalizable templates to facilitate your own workshop.


#HealthierMO will offer technical assistance and support as agencies begin enacting their action plans, applying health equity to the FPHS model framework in order to transform public health in their communities.


Use these ancillary resources to imbed health equity into your daily work through the framework of Missouri's Foundational Public Health Services model.