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Our vision is that every Missouri community will have a strong, stable, and lasting foundation for health and well-being they can depend on. Our approach is collaborative, holistic and equity-informed, and data-driven. We affirm the need for comprehensive data collection and strategic planning to ensure that social, cultural, and political influences promote health and well-being, rather than pose risks or cause harm. 


Together with our partners, we're working to move the needle on three key measures:

1)  Health equity is infused into all public health work.

2) A unified voice is established for public health work in Missouri.

3) All public health agencies in Missouri are assuring Missouri's Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) model.

We offer the resources below to equip public health agencies to operationalize Missouri's FPHS model.

#HealthierMO Initiative Overview

Missouri's FPHS Model

FPHS Model Capacity Assessment

Applying the FPHS Model to Public Health Work  (Gearbox Tools)

FPHS Model Development in Missouri

E-learning Modules

Stakeholder Engagement

Advocating for Investment in Public Health

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